maandag 24 september 2012

tip : lekker vettigen blues ! : don croissant

Zin in een avondje uit deze week ? 
In bar Richart in Antwerpen kan je morgenavond om 8 uur gaan kijken naar bluesmuzikant Don Croissant.

Wat info over hem : 

Don Croissant, aka Little Jimmy (°1944, Ledeberg), grew up in the fifties era of juke boxes, bumper cars and rock ‘n roll. After playing the mouth organ and the trumpet, he discovers the love of his life: the electric guitar. At fourteen Little Jimmy starts his first band: the Teenagers, briefly afterwards re-baptized Little Jimmy and the Robots. Concerts and gigs follow each other at breakneck speed. On stage, Little Jimmy raves like a madman and often leaves part of the equipment smashed to pieces on stag
e: punk avant la lettre. In 1963 Little Jimmy meets The Sharks, a band of Indonesian rock musicians. It is love at first sight and together they launch a successful career as Little Jimmy and the Sharks. In 1966, for instance, they perform as supporting act at The Rolling Stones concert at the Schaarbeek Sports Palace, followed by a series of supporting acts at concerts by The Who, The Kinks and The Spencer Davies Group, to name but a few. They also perform as house band at various night clubs, including the Don Carlos and Cirque Central in Ghent, the Continental in Blankenberge, the Number One (Knokke Casino). The illustrious Ghent night club “The Shark Club” was even named after them. In 1967 the Sharks split up, and after a brief cooperation with The New Inspiration and Roland Van Campenhoudt, Little Jimmy called it a day as far as Belgium was concerned. He flew over to the American South several times and plunged into the music of his great examples.

In 1980, Little Jimmy meets American singer-guitarist Chris Whitley, who has just arrived in Ghent. They hit it off immediately and start performing together.
A few years later, Jimmy moves to Brussels and becomes acquainted with the Brussels artistic avant-garde. He creates several experimental electronic sound installations and sets up performances, including “China James and the yellow Doll” and “Funglejunk”.

In 1994, he goes back to the roots and throws himself as ‘Don Croissant' into the blues in its original rough form. With a repertoire of mainly own compositions, he has been performing at home and abroad, at various – and some renowned - blues festivals including Beauvais, Cahors and Cognac, France.

Ik heb een you tube-filmke van hem gevonden en dat is echte lekkere vettige blues! Tof !

Volgens mij wordt dat een tof optreden !

Meer info op de facebookpagina van Bar Richart of op dit facebookevenement

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