maandag 19 maart 2012

bericht aan de pers....

Deze foto en bijbehorende uitleg kwam ik tegen op facebook.
En ik wil dit graag mee verspreiden .
Want ook ik ben gedegouteerd door hoe de pers hier - ook op andere momenten in andere situaties trouwens -  mee om gaat...

As some of you might know I live in Heverlee, very close to the Sint-Lambertus school where also my kids go to school.
As most of you probably know the children of the 6th grade there had a terrible bus accident in Sierre (Switserland) earlier this week.
The press came in massively, and their behaviour - national and international press alike - has been unbearable at times.
So this morning, full of anger, I decided to become a mirror, and make pictures of them instead of them making pictures.

Guess what? Most of them didn't like it. Some were visibly uncomfortable (which at least hints at a sense of shame).
A few gave me a happy smile, by far the most appropriate facial expression in these circumstances (not!).
A lot came up with 'Je ne vous comprends pas', which was exactly what I was thinking as well.

But this guy, from the looks of his equipment a photographer who is a bit afraid to go up close (as real photographers should), really didn't like it and gave me the picture that perfectly reflects on himself and a lot of his colleagues.
(Incidentally, he has some problems performing the proper gesture it seems.)

So this picture is for those of the press who saw it necessary to come knocking on my door in search of irrelevant details, to harass kids in the playground, to trespass peoples properties and trying to get kids to name victims on stolen photographs.
This is for the people of Gazet van Antwerpen and Nieuwsblad.
This is for the guy who made the mistake of giving me his name and claimed to be from De Standaard, though De Standaard itself claims not to know of him, notwhithstanding a simple google returns some published content by this guy on that papers website.

Especially for Paul Daenen (Het Laatste Nieuws) and Liesbeth Van Impe (Het Nieuwsblad) who apparently think that everything on the internet is public domain: this one is actually free for you to use, as long as you understand that it applies to you.

And lastly, to the people of the VRT, thank you very much for behaving correctly.
Jan Vandenbergh

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